Herbal Deodorants

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What can I use instead of commercial deodorant.

Herbal Deodorants

With today's hectic lifestyles, we are all continuously ‘on the go'. The last thing we need is for our deodorants to let us down. Body odor is regarded as a sign of poor personal hygiene and while, in most cases, this is not true, nobody wants to be called ‘smelly'. Add to this the occasional reports that the use of commercial deodorants may be harmful, and it is not surprising that people are looking for alternative means to ‘smell as sweet as a rose'.

Herbs with antibacterial properties are especially useful as deodorants as they attack the microorganisms that cause the unpleasant smell. Coriander and licorice are traditionally used, as are cinnamon, rosemary, cumin and fennel. Steep the dried herbs in boiling water then leave to cool and use as a wash. Or tie them into a muslin cloth and add to your bath water.

In addition, sage is said to be an excellent antiperspirant. Drink it as a tea – it goes well with honey – or add a strong infusion to your bath water.



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