Growing Your Own: Rosemary

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How do I grow rosemary?

Growing Your Own: Rosemary

Rosemary is a beautiful plant, with blue-green needle-like leaves and very pale blue flowers. It's a perennial, so once it is established it will carry on growing and flowering for many years. It can handle a bit of frost, but positively hates standing in water.

I find rosemary very slow to grow from seed. But a potted plant from an herb nursery or garden center planted out into the garden in April / May will soon settle in. Rosemary is very happy to grow in a container. Feed it monthly during the summer with an all-purpose fertilizer and move it indoors during the winter. Not having its roots in the ground makes it more sensitive to frost.

Cut fresh sprigs of rosemary as you need them for cooking, hair rinses or a relaxing herbal bath. The leaves can also be dried for use in herb pillows or drawer sachets.



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