Picking A Ripe Melon

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How do I choose ripe melons?

Picking A Ripe Melon

It's sometimes hard to tell if your melons are ripe, but here are a few guidelines:
1. The part of the melon that touches the ground will turn light straw or yellow in color.
2.The surface of the melon begins to feel rough.
3.The little piece of stem that attaches to the vine turns brown and dries up. In some varieties this change occurs about a week before the melon is ripe.



7/13/2007 5:43:27 AM
Harry said:

The part on the stem is called a tendril. It is curly & green. It is curly like a pigs tail. It dries just before the Watermelon is ripe. An elderly gentleman farmer told me this, & it works.


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