Herbal Juice

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Can I make herb juice?

Herbal Juice

Juice bars are the new health spas. They supply wonderful concoctions of fresh fruit and vegetables that most of use would not have thought of trying even a few years ago. Yet, they still stop short at offering herb juices.

Dandelion, nettle, fennel, lemon balm, parsley and mint can all be blended to create interesting herbal juices. They are often too strongly flavored or too astringent to be drunk by themselves, but they are a very tasty and healthy addition to fruit and herb juices.

Basil and tomato have a well-known affinity, so basil is the obvious herb to mix with tomato juice, but it also goes well with all vegetable juices that have tomato juice as a component. Thyme juice can be added to all fruit and vegetable juices that have a citrus component. Coriander juice can be added to carrot and orange juice.

Blend your chosen herb(s) with a little cold water until you've got a thick green sludge. Add one to two tablespoons of herb juice to one cup of fruit and vegetable juice and blend well.



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