Herb Breads

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Which herbs can I add to bread?

Herb Breads

It's very easy to make bread at home and many people have joined the ranks of those who keep a bread machine in their kitchen. Herb bread makes a fine accompaniment to a fragrant soup, but can also hold its own with a salad or cheese and olives.

If you have access to an herb garden, you are truly in luck, as fresh herb bread is only a short wait away.

Try adding chopped oregano or marjoram into your bread mix. Rosemary, garlic and chili make a spicy addition, as do olives and sun dried tomatoes.

If you want a sweet bread, add 200g raisins and chopped prunes, two teaspoons of ground cinnamon and one teaspoon of Christmas spice or mixed spice to a 500g bread mix.



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