Herb Butters

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How can I use more herbs in my cooking?

Herb Butters

Herb butters are a useful freezer standby. They add highlights to grilled meats, zing to steamed vegetables, interest to pre-dinner nibbles and unexpected depths to stews and casseroles.

And to top it all, they are very quick and simple to make. Just finely chop your herbs and add to room temperature butter. Mix vigorously to distribute the herbs evenly through the butter. Roll the butter in foil or freezer-proof food wrap, shaping it into a neat cylinder as you go. Label and pop into the freezer. When needed unwrap and slice, then return the rest to the freezer.

Herb butter with garlic, chili and fresh coriander (cilantro) or parsley is great with char grilled beef or chicken, as is lemon and thyme butter (with or without added garlic).

Ground cumin, fresh coriander and chili butter is lovely on couscous. You could also stir in some ground turmeric for an eye-catching color.

Oregano butter (use lots of fresh oregano) is great on good quality pasta. All you need with it is some Parmesan and a glass of wine. Or try it with baked onions.

Garlic and orange butter (squeeze two oranges and reduce the juice until syrupy, add finely chopped wild garlic or two crushed cloves and stir into butter) is heavenly with freshly picked purple sprouting broccoli.



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