Herbal Treatments For Sunburn

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What is the best treatment for sunburn?

Herbal Treatments For Sunburn

However careful we are, sunburn affects most of us at some time. If you are only slightly burned, cold chamomile tea (made with one teaspoon of dried flowers to one cup of boiling water and allowed to cool) makes a soothing compress on the affected area. Alternatively, use cold black tea as a compress.

The best treatment for sunburn is aloe vera gel. It efficiently relieves the discomfort of sunburn and, in many cases, even stops the damaged skin from peeling. If you have an Aloe plant handy, break off a leaf and split it open. Squeeze out the clear gel and apply to the burn. Put any excess gel into a jar and keep in the fridge to re-apply to the burn when needed.

If you don't grow the plant in your garden, aloe vera gel is available from health shops and many pharmacists. It is also part of many commercially available after sun products.



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