Herbal Treatments For Sleeplessness

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What can I do to help me sleep?

Herbal Treatments For Sleeplessness

There is no need to reach for sleeping pills when you're tossing and turning and morning seems many hours away. The plant kingdom offers many herbs with calming, relaxing and sedative properties. Which herb and method you choose to get to sleep will depend on your personality type and lifestyle. Try them out to see which works for you:

If you frequently have trouble sleeping, make sure you add fresh marjoram to your dinner. It's gently de-stressing and relaxing.

  • Add an infusion of lavender or chamomile to your bath before retiring to bed.
  • Take an herbal tea to bed with you and sip while you get ready to go to sleep. Try chamomile, lemon balm or elderflower.
  • Add a lavender sachet to your pillow or sprinkle your sheets with lavender water. It gives your bedroom a very luxurious feeling, as well as being deeply relaxing. You could also include rosemary and lemon balm in your herb pillow.


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