Herbal Treatments For Burns

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How do I treat burns?

Herbal Treatments For Burns

Most domestic burns occur in the kitchen: panhandles, oven doors, hot food or hot liquid are the usual culprits. Minor burns can be treated easily at home using herbs with cooling and calming properties.

If you grow an aloe plant on your kitchen windowsill, your first aid treatment for burns is always ready. Pick a leave, slice it open and apply the clear gel that oozes out directly to the burn. Store any excess gel in a small jar in the fridge and re-apply when needed.

Alternatively, use cold chamomile tea as a cooling, soothing compress. If the burn is very small, you can also apply lavender oil or a cold infusion of lavender to the damaged skin.

Please note: all deep or large burns MUST be seen by a medical doctor straight away.



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