Herbal Treatment For Bloating And Trapped Wind

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Which herbs can be used to treat bloating?

Herbal Treatment For Bloating And Trapped Wind

Bloating and the discomfort of trapped wind are common occurrences after eating certain foods, such as beans, cabbages, or some artificial sweeteners. Excess gas is produced when incompletely digested carbohydrates enter the intestine, where there are no digestive enzymes to deal with them.

To make your bean dishes more easily digestible, cook your beans with savory, cumin, dill, fennel, caraway or thyme.

To relieve bloating and trapped wind, try a fennel and peppermint tea. Fennel syrup or fennel drops (a boiled hard sweet flavored with fennel) or three drops of peppermint oil on a lump of sugar can also be helpful.



7/11/2009 2:59:15 PM
troy said:

thanks. I'll go get some fennel right away.


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