Herb Vinegars

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How do I make herb vinegar?

Herb Vinegars

Another method of preserving a glut of fresh herbs is to turn them into herb vinegar. Assemble your selection of herbs, washed and gently dried, and place them into a clean glass bottle or glass jar. Then pour warm (not hot!) vinegar over the herbs until they are completely submerged. White wine vinegar, light red wine vinegar, rice and cider vinegars can all be used to make flavored vinegars. Malt vinegar is not suitable. Close the jar or bottle tightly and leave to stand for one to two weeks before using.

Select your herbs for interestingly flavored oil and oil bottles that are visually appealing. Try parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme vinegar – ideal as a marinade for meat and or in a dressing for plain green salad. Coriander (seed and leaf), garlic and chili pepper make an interesting mix for Moroccan and Mexican dishes. Very unusual, but well worth trying is red wine vinegar with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and dried orange rind. Use a teaspoon of this spicy mix with stewed fruit or add to mulled wine.



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