Gleaming Kitchens And Bathrooms

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Are there herbal kitchen and bathroom cleaners?

Gleaming Kitchens And Bathrooms

Bathrooms and kitchens need to look and smell clean. They also need to be clean. Combine the power of baking soda with the disinfectant properties and pleasant smell of herbs and you have most efficient kitchen and bathroom cleaner.

Fill a clean dry jar half full with baking powder. Add half this quantity of finely chopped dried herb mix. Make sure you include chopped rosemary and sage for their disinfectant properties. For scent, add lavender, chamomile, lemon balm or mint. Shake well to mix. Leave to stand for a couple of day, then add some to a damp cloth and use as a cleaner for sinks, bathtubs, showers or toilets.

If you don't like chopped herbs in your scrub, add essential oils of rosemary, sage, lavender and mint to the baking powder. Make sure you mix them in well or your scrub will clump.



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