Clean Your Home the Natural Way

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Can I clean my home without chemicals?

Clean Your Home the Natural Way

We all have bottles of cleaners and household products in the cupboard under the sinks. Some of them are potentially harmful to our families and the environment and most of them are not necessary at all. Our parents and grandparents had clean and fresh-smelling homes and used mainly herbs, vinegar and baking soda in their cleaners.

Did you know that typical window cleaner found in your grocery store can be replaced by adding vinegar to the cleaning water? It's safer for environment, and it smells better. Remove lime scale by mixing a paste of baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice. Add chopped rosemary, spread over the lime scale and leave to sit for a few minutes. Then rub with a cloth, the rosemary will act as a scourer, and watch it disappear.



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