Finding Inspiration For A Themed Herb Garden

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How do I select a theme for my herb garden?

Finding Inspiration For A Themed Herb Garden

You may want to grow herbs for a specific purpose, for example to make your own skincare products, to experiment with the cuisine of a specific area, to relax and relieve stress, to treat a specific ailment or simply to attract wildlife to your garden.

A themed garden is a fascinating way to learn about herbs and their uses. If you want to try your hand at a themed garden, try and visit monastery herb gardens, where the herbs are often grown in groups based on the ailment or illness they are meant to treat or the kitchen gardens of big houses, where vegetables and herbs are often grown together as they are used.

Gardening shows are also a good place to gather inspiration and good herb nurseries will often plant themed displays, so they are well worth checking out.

To successfully create a themed herb garden, you need to understand the conditions that your chosen herbs need to grow and you need to be sure that you can provide them.



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